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Most Easy, Most Single solution sharing ADSL(PPPOE) broadband connect to the Internet .can transform your computer into a gateway server, allowing you to share your Internet connection. It helps you build your Gateway server and share internet connection in the LAN. Can crack (breakout) ISP restrict multi computers are sharing connect to the Internet, ISP can not Detect your internal computers, can not detect(find out) you have multi computers are sharing to connect to the Internet, Do not worry multi Internal sharing Adsl broadband trouble again Not Only supported ADSL broadband connection, If install InernetShare on any internal computer and the computer can connect to the Internet, then the computer become as gateway server , any other computer can connect to the Internet from the gateway server. Internal clients only need to set network property simply, such as set gateway or set as obtain an IP automatically and so on, no need install any third client software. InternetShare supported completely help document ,any people can use it easily. Supported IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP and all the Protocol or application which are based on TCP/UDP, such as HTTP, FTP, Email, Network Game, Skype/MSN IM, Qvod/Flashget/BT download, That is Equal your Internal Clients are connecting to the Internet directly. From now on, you need not use hardware router to share Internet connection, InternetShare user can get update service, we will satisfy the requirement of our users and dispatch the update service pack possibly. Only need a Switch or Hub. Of course, if you have only 2 computers, you can share to connect to the Internet by double network adapters without Switch or Hub. Note, "the line connect between network adapter" and "the line connect between network adapter and Hub" are different. Both "single adapter" and "double adapter" are supported, and support multi adapters, can support to 255 adapters. Support limit flow speed and average flow speed(bandwidth control, Bandwidth balance),

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